LickinFlames Shawl Magnet


The handmade clay brooches are individually decorated which makes each a unique item. This piece can be used as a brooch or a shawl pin. It has a powerful magnet on the back and can be used through multiple layers of fabric. The iridescence on the pieces is a hallmark of LickinFlames. The piece takes several weeks to dry and then the finishing can take place. When the pieces are removed from the kiln and cooled, each is washed, dried and an appropriate pin closure is attached to finish the piece.

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Remember that because of the handmade nature of the piece, some variations should be expected. The quality is always the same standard that LickinFlames is known for, but some variations in color, design element placement and decoration patterns needs to be allowed. 

This listing is for one shawl magnet.


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