Wistyria Editions Felting Needles 4/Pkg


Use these felting needles to create beautiful designs on a needle felting project!

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This package contains metal and plastic felting needles. Design: Size 36, 38 and 40 triangle and size 38 star. Made in USA.

The 36 gauge is used for faster coarse felting that leaves a larger hole in the felted surface. The 38 gauge star needle is a 4-sided needle that leaves a smaller hole in the felted surface. It felts slower than the large gauge triangle needles, but the detail is finer. The triangle needles are 3-sided. The 38 gauge triangle needle is a general purpose needle used for medium felting that leaves a smaller hole than the 36 and is good for attaching felt to felt or felt to wool. The 40 gauge is excellent for fine detailing and sculpting.


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