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Beginner’s Guide to Punch Needle

Get hooked on punch needle!

  • Fast and easy to do, learn the magical craft of punch needle with an introduction to all the basic notions and techniques
  • 26 colorful and lively creations you can make to wear, give as gifts, or use to decorate your home
  • Step-by-step instructions and high-quality photography for every project
  • Wide variety of unique projects, including tags, cushions, mushroom décor, a hedgehog toy, a lion pin, stand-up houses, and more
  • Author Juliette Michelet is an embroiderer, crafter, punch needle artist, and contributor for Marie Claire Idées

Punch needle is as relaxing as it is gratifying!

Easy to start, simple to learn, and fun to do, with just a few affordable tools, materials, and Beginner’s Guide to Punch Needle Projects, anyone can enjoy the art of punch needle. This modern craft is halfway between weaving and embroidery—but easier than either!

Author Juliette Michelet is an embroiderer, crafter, punch needle artist, and contributor for Marie Claire Idées, making her a leading voice to introduce you to this approachable and exciting hobby. With its ready-to-use patterns, material lists, color suggestions, and gorgeous photography for each charming project, this is the perfect book for any creative crafter looking to try something new!

Featuring 26 step-by-step colorful and fun projects for lively home accents, pillows, plant tags, toys, brooches, wall hangings, jewelry, and so much more, this book will teach you all the essential techniques you’ll need to get started. Punch needle projects include

  • Lemon cushions
  • Ladybug brooch
  • Geometric rug
  • Vase cover
  • Tote bag
  • Plant wall hangings
  • Blue stripe earrings
  • Giraffe cushion
  • …and many more!

With Beginner’s Guide to Punch Needle Projects, you’ll soon be creating a collection of playful punch needle masterpieces!

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The Knitting Answer Book

Every avid knitter has faced this dilemma: deep into a project at midnight, just trying to finish one more row, and, then . . . oh no, a dropped stitch three rows back! Help! If only there was a 24-hour hotline to answer every question a knitter might encounter. Well, now there is, with The Knitting Answer Book . The expert authors, Margaret Radcliffe and Edie Eckman, leave no question unanswered, no quandry unaddressed. Each book contains detailed, illustrated answers to literally hundreds of questions, from the common to the more unusual:

• Are certain needles better for certain yarns?
• What if I dropped a stitch several rows back?
• Why do my edges tend to curl up?
• Can you use a different weight yarn than the pattern calls for?
• What can I do to keep my yarns from tangling up?
• Oops, I see my ribbing is way too tight. Now what?

Covering the whole range of situations a beginner is likely to face, along with the problems that may arise for those working more advanced patterns, this Answer Book will help knitters and crocheters of all levels. Each book is packaged in a small, take-along trim size, in a friendly-to-use Q&A format, and belongs in the bag of every knitter. Available 24/7, The Knitting Answer Book is always open, ready for yarn lovers to browse and consult to their heart’s content.

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Royal School of Needlework: Wall of Wool Journal

A FLAME TREE NOTEBOOK. Beautiful and luxurious the journals combine high-quality production with magnificent art. Perfect as a gift, and an essential personal choice for writers, notetakers, travellers, students, poets and diarists. Features a wide range of well-known and modern artists, with new artworks published throughout the year.

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED. The highly crafted covers are printed on foil paper, embossed then foil stamped, complemented by the luxury binding and rose red end-papers. The covers are created by our artists and designers who spend many hours transforming original artwork into gorgeous 3d masterpieces that feel good in the hand, and look wonderful on a desk or table.

PRACTICAL, EASY TO USE. Flame Tree Notebooks come with practical features too: a pocket at the back for scraps and receipts; two ribbon markers to help keep track of more than just a to-do list; robust ivory text paper, printed with lines; and when you need to collect other notes or scraps of paper the magnetic side flap keeps everything neat and tidy.

THE ARTIST. The Royal School of Needlework is known worldwide for exceptional technical tuition in the art of hand embroidery; the conservation and restoration of historic embroidered textiles and prestigious embroidery commissions, created in its Embroidery Studio at Hampton Court Palace. The large Wall of Wool in vibrant rainbow colours is invaluable to the expert studio embroiderers who can use it to match the textiles they are restoring or conserving perfectly.

THE FINAL WORD. As William Morris said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

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The Fellowship of the Knits

Knit your way across J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, from the Shire’s idyllic countryside to the Elfin palaces of Rivendell, with this first-ever Lord of the Rings knitting guide. With patterns to suit your every otherworldly mood, this book includes cozy knits to languish by the fire in at Bag End, rustic outerwear to enjoy a beer and a warm bowl of stew at The Prancing Pony Inn, and elegant laces suited for the lush, peaceful valley of Rivendell.

Inspired by the popular books and film adaptations—including beloved characters, locations, and natural elements––this guide features a variety of knitting techniques, like cables, lace, colorwork, brioche, and textured stitches, and it includes patterns for apparel, accessories, and home décor for every skill level. From the Hobbits’ warm, rustic knits and the Dwarves’ rugged armor to the intricate, lacy garments of the Elves of Rivendell, there’s a pattern to suit everyone in your life.

With detailed instructions and stunning full-color photography, knit yourself an Elf Maiden Cloak, Second Breakfast Socks and Mittens, an Elven Bread Shawl, a Dwarf Battle Helmet, a One Ring to Warm Them All Scarf, a Precioussss Doll, and more with the help of this homage to the beautiful world of The Lord of the Rings.

FIRST LOTR KNITTING GUIDE: This unofficial guide is the first book made up entirely of Lord of the Rings-inspired knitting projects.

OVER 25 KNITTING PROJECTS: Knit more than 25 projects for sweaters, scarves, hats, socks, gloves, blankets, and more.

EVERY SKILL LEVEL: A variety of projects designed for different skill levels makes this guide ideal for beginner to advanced knitters.

CLOTHING AND COSTUMES: Create classic looks from The Lord of the Rings, from an Elf Maiden Cloak to Dwarf Battle Gauntlets.

ALL-STAR DESIGNERS: This knitting guide includes patterns created by some of the most popular knitting influencers on Ravelry and Instagram.

DAZZLING IMAGES: Each pattern is accompanied by detailed instructions and beautiful full-color photography to help ensure success.

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Cast on Bind Off

Discover the perfect beginning and ending for every knitting project! Detailed instructions for each technique are combined with step-by-step photography to help you create edges that are tighter, looser, stretchier, or lacier. No matter what you’re knitting, Leslie Ann Bestor has the cast on and bind off that will give your project the perfect edge.

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